Support for Allied Health Workers, Teachers and Support Staffkids

We enter this work to be of assistance to others.  It is vital that we maintain our balance and boundaries.  Professional supervision is essential.

What does Pat do:

  1. Pat can and has provided professional supervision to psychologists, social workers, teachers, counsellors, medical personnel– those workers who engage with a large number of people on a regular basis and who deal with highly stressful and complicated life situations.
  2. Pat can and has provided specific professional educational workshops to groups:
    • Specific workshops for GP’s under Divisions of General Practice
    • Mental health workshops with specific topics such as recognition of sexual abuse; using cbt; working with foster children.  (Pat was the Professional Development officer for the pilot project of the Evolve joint program of the Department of Child Safety and Queensland Health.)
    • In educational settings, particularly regarding working with young children in group settings. (Pat lectured at TAFE in Early Childhood for 6 six; worked as an early childhood teacher for 21 years – 11 of those in a C & K Kindergarten Preschool venue, and worked as a Guidance Officer in Queensland State Schools and as the Guidance Officer for the Early Childhood Development Program – ECDP.)  Pat is a Fellow of the APS College of Child and Developmental Psychologists
  3. Pat can develop workshops to suit your needs.  Pat is particularly interested in developing workshops regarding separated families and management of pre- and post-court situations.  Pat is a Fellow of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.


  • Mareeba clinic rooms, Far North Queensland, Australia
  • Dimbulah Community Centre
  • By telephone or Zoom

Cost of Supervision:

$100.00 per hour payable by cash or eftpos/credit card.

Cost of Workshops:

$200.00 per hour for small groups, under 15 people; $300.00 per hour for larger groups. Plus all travel costs.

Workshops can be just one or two hours, 1 day (5 or 6 hours) or even 2 days long.