Family Law matters and Counselling for Separated Families

What do we do:


  1. assistance with shared or co-parenting, step-family parenting
  2. help you get along with your ex-partner
  3. provide self-funded Reports for the Family Court


  • Cairns clinic rooms, Far North Queensland, Australia
  • Mareeba clinic rooms, Far North Queensland, Australia
  • Dimbulah Community Centre
  • In special circumstances, your home
  • By telephone or Skype

Cost of Clinical Help:

$200.00 per hour payable by cash or eftpos/credit card.

With a GP Mental Health referral (we need to have a copy of the form, not just a letter from the doctor), Medicare will either refund approximately $86.15 per session.  However, in special circumstances where the client/patient eligible, there is no cost involved.

Refunds may also be available through your private medical insurances.

Self-funded Family Reports

Costs:  $2500.00 plus gst and all travel expenses. Costs must be equally shared by both parties, or by agreement, one party, with half the fee being payable prior to beginning the report and the remainder payable prior to release of the report.

Both parties and their solicitors must jointly arrange, agree to and supply a jointly written “letter of instruction”.  Solicitors or parties must supply all applicable affidavit material, medical and school reports of the children.  Subpoenaed material must be made available to Ms Woodcock.  Return time is usually one to three weeks.

Ms Woodcock is a Regulation 7 Family Consultant with the Family Law Courts of Australia and has written approximately 300 reports for Family Courts in every state and territory of Australia, and approximately 100 reports for Child Safety matters for most states.

5 Tips for keeping the Kids out of the Conflict

  1. Speak only positively about your ex-partner/spouse within your children’s hearing and to your children. (If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.)
  2. Use information specially written for children should they be curious about the Court matter, i.e. available from the Family Law Courts of Australia website
  3. Let your children know that it’s okay for them to love your ex-partner/spouse.
  4. Use a communication book rather than your child when you want to pass important information to the other parent, e.g. the time medication was last given.
  5. Tell your children the dispute is between you and the other parent; that it’s ‘adult business’ and they do not need to know or worry about it.